(hears someone call my name) was that quiet enough to pretend i didnt hear them

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sometimes you get so close to a person you forget you’re telling them things you’ve never even said out loud before

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I had this dream last night that I was at Hook and Emma’s wedding…..basically, I woke up in tears and I don’t think I’ll make it to the end of september

Even more life ruining by this goddamn show : my dad asked my mom to do something and even though we don’t live in an english speaking country she responded with “as you wish”, also later that evening we we’re watching some mini-series and when the credits rolled the only name i saw was Emma freaking Jones

Captain Swan & Han/Leia parallels:


I’ve decided to make a somewhat silly master post of some parallels between my two favorite ships that have a princess and a pirate!

Most know them as Captain Swan and Han/Leia;)

As most of my followers know, I love Han&Leia and I’m obsessed with Captain Swan, so to know that…


do any millionaires follow me that are bored

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in 2008 i used to be in love w shia labeouf and i made a myspace pretending to be him and i had over 10,000 friends and i got over 1000 messages a day & ppl actually believed i was shia labeouf and i actually got verified as him for some reason so i was the official shia labeouf myspace but i was in fact a 12 yr old canadian kid 

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A part of me dies every time no one gets my joke

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